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The Cynic by Pao


Based on real events 2002-2010

Everything changed in an instant. One terrible decision sealed his fate. Trouble is stalking him.

Dink, a gregarious Australian doctor, flees Qatari prison after a drink driving charge. Escaping to Dubai, a body is discovered in his hotel. Danny Zur’s Mossad spies have killed a Hamas commander. False identities and Australian passports were used. Dink, Danny’s neighbour a decade ago, is drawn into the web of international espionage.

Travelling to the Sedois Islands, an Indian Ocean paradise, the Israelis monitor Dink, and the upcoming Presidential Election. Ajay, a charismatic young Sedois local, introduces Dink to the exotic delights of his island home. And the problems. The real fabric of life in this remote community is laid bare.

Betraying his family and friends, Ajay’s father plots to rig the election. Along with Ajay and the other islanders, Dink prepares to fight for their democratic rights. He has been preparing for this moment all his life.

Author Bio
The author is a doctor based in Sydney, Australia. He has a diverse range of interests including; current affairs, politics, philosophy, and travel. This is his first novel and is inspired by a series of real events.


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