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This title is now available to review until the 5th of February. You can request a digital copy at the end of this page. In exchange we ask for an honest review to be posted onto Amazon and Goodreads and links to sent to us. There are no tour dates we just ask that reviews are posted before the end date of the 4th of February. You do not need to own a book blog or Instagram account to partake. It is open to anyone who reviews books.

Pages: 196
Genre: Humour/Life Story

Full Metal Cardigan by David Emery

Last week, social services referred their client who, once accepted to our team, became a service user and, on further review by the doctor, a patient.

He was found not to meet the eligibility criteria; he was a survivor but not with the right symptoms, an expert but with the wrong experience.

He was promptly discharged and ended the day as just a person.

Full Metal Cardigan is David Emery s first book and chronicles his adventures in social care, from enthusiastic volunteer to feral frontline worker, taking in abusive popstars, chanting cults, drug runs and interviewing a corpse.

He recounts how he gained international notoriety for cheating in a pancake race, encounters with the supernatural, High Court appearances, accidentally booking someone into Dignitas, one-inch death punches in Woolworths, waterboarding, psychotic psychopaths, plunger-wielding pregnant women and suicide attempts with rhubarb along the way.

This is a humorous look at life as a social worker: in turns both laugh-out-loud funny and mind-boggling.

If you would like to review this title please complete the form below. A digital copy will be sent to you in exchange for a honest review.

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