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This title is now available to review until the 4th of February. You can request a digital copy at the end of this page. In exchange we ask for an honest review to be posted onto Amazon and Goodreads and links to sent to us. There are no tour dates we just ask that reviews are posted before the end date of the 4th of February.

The Man in the Seventh Row by Brian Penddreigh

In Los Angeles, Roy Batty is sucked into the action of the classic films he first saw back home in Scotland, The Magnificent Seven, Blade Runner, Braveheart, Brief Encounter (except this is the version by Sam Peckinpah, not David Lean). Is this real? Or in his head?

Acclaimed by the critics in its original version in 2011, it is literary fiction, with a lot of nostalgia in Scotland and more than a dash of magical realism in California. It now transcends the confines of the novel, as the narrative concludes in a story with new characters that brings a whole new meaning and depth to everything that has gone before.

Ultimately The Man in the Seventh Row is about childhood and adulthood, about love and loss and the possibility of redemption. It is about cinema and the nature of reality, built layer upon layer, like an onion. And like an onion it may just bring a tear to your eye before the end.

263 pages
Genre: Literary fiction

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